I will be completely up front here. The hintonburger is what I pray to when I go to bed at night. This is, hands down, the best hamburger I’ve ever had. No, I’m not getting paid for this – they don’t even know me.

Although it is consistently rated one of the top burgers in Ottawa, most reviews do not do it justice, often placing it second or third to places like The Works and Chez Lucien. I personally find this mind boggling. It’s not about how fancy or delicious your toppings are, or what kind of exotic cheese you use. Anyone can put peanut butter, macaroni, or brie on a burger (if you’re into that sort of thing), but great patties are hard to find. And that is what the hintonburger is all about. Their thick, juicy, six ounce patty packs a ton of unique flavour. Add to that bacon, cheddar, and the signature bbq sauce and you have yourself the perfect hamburger.

The building itself is a total dive. Hintonburger is housed in an old KFC where, until recently, the giant bucket with the Colonel’s face still stood towering above the parking lot. And by the way, anyone who says the old location was better probably just has a rotten case of nostalgia. I’ve eaten at both locations and every single bite I’ve had has been just as good, if not better, than the last. The only thing slightly lacking in the whole experience is the fries, mostly because they are completely outshone by the burger. They aren’t terrible, but I’ve had better fries in Ottawa.

At nine dollars, it may seem a tad pricey. But it is 100% worth the nine dollars. Plus, if you pay just a couple bucks more for the combo with the drink and fries, you’ll really get your money’s worth.

Ever since my first experience a few years ago, after a late night on Preston Street, I’ve been searching for a burger in Ottawa to rival the flavour of the hintonburger. So far, I have not found it.

2014-04-26 17.47.13

Hintonburger on Urbanspoon


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