Bite Burger House

I am very hard to please when it comes to hamburgers as I’m constantly comparing all others to the hintonburger. I went to Bite Buger House with a friend specifically because I’m on the hunt for good burgers in the Ottawa area. They have a good location on the edge of the market and have an appetizing menu and holy smoke, we were not disappointed. Let me break it down for you…

2014-04-19 12.51.54To start, you will notice in the image what looks like a slice of cucumber, and that’s what we both thought it was. But it’s not a cucumber. It’s a homemade pickle that is so perfectly pickled. I don’t know how hard it is to mess up the pickling process, but I’m pretty sure they nailed it here. In addition to the homemade pickle, you will also find on the plate their homemade ketchup (or catsup) and homemade mustard. I’m not a huge mustard guy, but I’m sold on this homemade stuff.

Those delicious condiments were lost a bit on the burger, but it didn’t matter because the burger was superb. ‘Juicy’ is what comes to mind when I think of the bite burger, more so than any other juicy burger. It’s a great size patty with a little pink in the middle (which is totally fine btw), a slice of cheddar, 3 strips of bacon and a lightly toasted but super soft bun. The bacon could have been a little crispier but that’s me being really nitpicky. The fries were also done well. They were ever so slightly seasoned so there was more potato taste than salty taste, which I was perfectly fine with. If you like heavily seasoned fries, you may not like these. But I was happy.

With the overall experience, I was impressed. I enjoyed my burger with a root beer float and ended my meal with an undersized but magnificent creme brûlée. Yeah, I know… creme brûlée for dessert at a burger joint. It’s great though if you’re willing to pay the seven dollars. And the service is worth every penny.

Even though I was completely full, I spent the rest of the afternoon craving another bite burger. With a few more trips to Bite Burger House, this joint may very well show up on my Ottawa Favs list. I urge everyone in the area to check it out!

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