Burgers & Fries Forever!

I have tried Burgers & Fries Forever (BFF) twice, and I can say that BFF can be my BFF.

2014-04-21 13.06.42

I feel like I’m betraying my principles slightly by raving about this burger joint, and that’s because I’m normally not a fan of crazy and complicated topping combinations. I don’t believe the toppings should make the burger. Yet, that is exactly why I enjoyed my burger here so much. They don’t have as many options as The Works, but they still have more of a selection that most other places I’ve been to.

The patty itself was a bit smaller than I’m used to and it had a pretty standard, under-seasoned beef flavour. So, keep that in mind when going here. But my BLT burger with lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, and mayo really hit the spot. I know those sound like pretty normal toppings for a burger. But, in this case, they added significant layers of flavour. Those toppings actually added so much that it felt more like I was eating a really great BLT with a hunk of beef on it.

And any good burger is nothing without good fries (except Hintonburger). The hand-cut fries at BFF are outstanding. They are cooked perfectly and evenly and have just the right amount of seasoning. These are probably some of the better fries I’ve had in Ottawa. And they are made even better with their BBQ dipping sauce. There are other sauces to choose from, but I highly, highly recommend the BBQ sauce. I don’t normally put anything on fries if they are good enough. In fact, if you see me reach for the ketchup, it probably means the fries are crap. So, I chose the BBQ sauce thinking that I wouldn’t likely use it. But after the first dip, there were more dips. And more, and more, and more. As great as the fries were on their own, I couldn’t stop loading each fry with as much BBQ sauce as I possibly could. That stuff is deadly delicious.

I give BFF three and a half puppet fingers out of four. After I had the BLT burger and those fries the first time, I couldn’t wait to go back. Now, it’s important to note that the BLT burger was no longer on the menu when I went the second time. However, they were kind enough to make one for me anyway, since it’s a pretty simple burger to build, and they do have a build your own burg option. So, thumbs up to BFF for doing that for me. And maybe, if enough people ask for it, they’ll put the BLT burger back on the menu!

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