Fraser Cafe (burger)

I sometimes like to think that on the 7th day God did more than just rest, he also made hamburgers. But if God made hamburgers on the 7th day, he (or she) didn’t properly inform Fraser Cafe.
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Deacon Brodie’s

Who would have thunk, that there was room for yet another pub on Elgin Street in Ottawa. You take out the section from Lisgar to Somerset and you’ve pretty much got Georgestreet. Continue reading

Big Smoke Burger

I am now going to attempt to live blog the brand new trendy burger joint in the Rideau Centre food court, Big Smoke Burger. Except this won’t be live at all because not only do I not want numerous tiny entries on one restaurant, but I also don’t have wifi… And so it begins. Continue reading

Burrito Borracho!

Because I can’t say with any certainty that I know exactly what a magnificent burrito tastes like, consider the following premises based on my own observations:

A) Lone Star does not have good burritos.

B) Burrito Borracho burritos are better than Lone Star burritos.

C) Many people like Lone Star. Continue reading

The Burger’s Priest

I have figured out that there are two kinds of “good” burgers in this world:

  1. The Stand-Alone: Stand-Alone burgers are the ones for which the patty does all the talking. The patty (or patties) is so well seasoned and cooked to perfection that any toppings other than the standard ones (cheese, bacon, ketchup, mustard) are essentially unnecessary. And those standard toppings almost always take a back seat to the patty, the star of the show. Unfortunately, these burgers are actually very rare. And I don’t mean pink in the middle. I mean it is very difficult to find a truly great Stand-Alone burger. The Hintonburger is an example of a great Stand-Alone burger.
  2. The Juicy: The name “Juicy” I think says it all. This is the most common kind of “good” burger. Most popular burger joints usually have this kind. The Juicy is the burger that simply melts in your mouth. It is a greasy, runny, dirty, juicy hamburger with a soft and partly soggy bun. It’s almost impossible to eat one of these without grease running down your wrist. As a general rule, Juicy burgers usually come with 2 patties that aren’t fully seasoned and are best accompanied by bacon and cheese. Some examples of good Juicy burgers include The Good Stuff Eatery burger in Washington D.C., the Deacon Brodie’s burger in Ottawa, and THE BURGER’S PRIEST!

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Ode to D.C. Part 3

This is now part 3. I feel exhausted. I’ve been searching day and night, high and low, east and west, for a good burger in Washington D.C. It’s been a struggle, dragging my sandaled feet through the historic streets of downtown America, departing restaurants with a full stomach but all too often with an unsatisfied soul. As I long for the taste of proper beef with adequate seasoning, the ghosts of Presidents past begin to taunt me as I sink intro delirium… I’m fading… I don’t have much time. And then I stumble into Georgetown, and I enter the Good Stuff Eatery. Continue reading